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CF Boat Registration Number stickers – $12.95

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Order your California Boat Registration stickers: they come in 10 colors and 10 fonts. The State of California’s number requirements are very specific, and our numbers comply with all regulations – size, font, and letter spacing. Just remember to pick a color that contrasts with your boat’s hull color. If your hull is white, black or blue numbers offer the required contrast.

Your 3 inch tall CF Boat Registration stickers can be created with dashes or no-dashes.

Select your color and font from the lists below, type into the order form exactly as you received them from the DMV, use dashes if you’d like to, and click add to cart. Then check out with our easy PayPal ordering system. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and e-checks are accepted. Each set (one of the port side, one for the starboard side) is just $ 12.95 plus shipping ($0.95). You only need to order one set to have numbers on both sides of your boat’s hull.

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CF Boat Registration Number Order Form:

Your Boat Numbers (including state code, e.g MC, SC, CF)

Now available: Matte Black and Carbon Fiber-look numbers

These upgraded numbers add a distinctive touch to your Florida boat registration numbers.


Carbon fiber-look numbers


Shiny (standard) versus matte black


Your Boat Numbers

Does your boat need CF Boat Registration Stickers?:

According to the CA DMV’s official web site